Stunning Bonsai Trees

This Is My List Of The Most Amazing Bonsai Trees

With all of the bonsai tree styles out there and the long history of bonsai, there are some absolutely incredible bonsai trees out there.

This is my list of the most amazing bonsai trees, in no particular order.

Goshin “Protector of Spirits” goshin protector of spirits bonsai tree john naka beautiful stunning bonsai trees

This tree was created by John Y. Naka and is currently being maintained by the National Bonsai Foundation. This tree is a forest planting of eleven Foemina Junipers.

An 800 Year Old Bonsai

old bonsai tree 800 years old Kunio Kobayashi bonsai tree bonsai tools

Its owner, master Kobayashi, is one of the most well known Bonsai artists in the world. This tree is also one of the most expensive bonsai trees. This tree is currently in Tokyo.

Bonsai Hobbit Hole (Bag End)

bag end bonsai hobbit hole bonsai tree bonsai supplies

Whereas the tree itself is not spectacular, the piece as a whole is. The hobbit hole is a beautiful addition to this tree and they work together well. (This tree may have gotten a bump because I am a big Lord of the Rings fan!) You can read about the creation of the tree here.

Juniper Bonsai Tree by Louis Vila

juniper bonsai tree louis vila bonsai supplies bonsai kit cascade style

One of my favorites, a juniper bonsai tree. The dramatic effect of the cascade composition is enhanced by the unique crescent bowl.

Pine Bonsai at Ryokan Yachiyo

pine bonsai long branch bonsai tree bonsai supplies bonsai style

It took 30 years to grow the 2 meter (6.5 foot) branch of this bonsai tree. How does it not tip over?!

Bougainvillea by Lorna Toledo

flowering bonsai tree lorna toledo bonsai starter kit beautiful bonsai tree

Look. At. That. Trunk. It is beautiful. I am sucker for something a little more simplistic and this tree is exactly that when compared to some of the other compilations on this list. And thats without even mentioning the beautiful flowers!

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

japanese maple bonsai tree nebari simple root flare

Sticking with simple, we have this beautiful Japanese maple bonsai tree. This tree might be a more simple and natural take on bonsai, but it is certainly not simple to achieve. This tree is absolutely beautiful from the Nebari (the root flare) to the leaves.

None Of These Trees Would Be Available Without Tools…

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