The 4 Important Bonsai Tools

Bonsai tools are extremely important for caring for your bonsai tree.

However, they can get expensive fast… especially when we are talking about bonsai tool sets. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on nice kits. This is especially enticing for people who are new to this hobby.

Truthfully (although I do not recommend it) you can get away with the 4 most important bonsai tools…

These Are The 4 Most Important Bonsai Tools

  1. A pair of bonsai trimming shears/scissors
  2. A pair of bonsai concave cutters
  3. A pair of bonsai wire cutters
  4. A bonsai root hook

Bonsai Trimming Shears/Scissors:bonsai trimming shears scissors

Trimming shears come in many shapes and sizes. Shears can be used to trim individual leaves, or branches and twigs that are smaller than the diameter of a pencil.

Trimming shears are the principle tools in styling your bonsais appearance in regards to leaves and branches.

Bonsai Concave Cutters:

bonsai concave cuttersConcave cutters are used for jobs that the trimming shears cannot handle. Concave cutters are used for cutting branches slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil.

These cutters are designed to remove branches flush against the trunk without leaving a stub. When styling a bonsai tree, cutting branches so that they heal in a visually aesthetic way is extremely important. Concave cutters are the tools for this job.

Bonsai Wire Cutters:

For those more involved in styling bonsai trees, we have the bonsai wire cutters. Bonsai styling involves more than trimming leaves and branches. You can shape your tree’s trunk and branches with the correct wiring techniques, but you also need a pair of bonsai wire cutters to remove the wire.

By attempting to twist the wire off your tree, you could end up damaging the branches or leaves. You can also do damage to other bonsai tools that are not strong enough to handle cutting metal wire. This is where bonsai wire cutters come into play.

bonsai wire cutters

Bonsai Root Hooks:bonsai root hook

A root hook is primarily used when repotting a bonsai. While repotting doesn’t happen often, it
is extremely important to have this tool when you do repot a bonsai tree.

Root hooks are used to remove and loosen soil from the root ball while repotting so you can trim the roots or make room for new soil. Root hooks make repotting a breeze.

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