What is Bonsai

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Bonsai is a Japanese art form dating back more than 1000 years.

It is the practice of growing, styling, and caring for miniature trees in pots. There is a whole art surrounding the trimming and pruning of the tree into interesting shapes. Bonsai is not a tree type, there are many species of trees that are used for Bonsai.

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Why Bonsai Is a Great Hobby

Bonsai is a great hobby because of its ability to connect you with the beauty of nature.

I frequently find myself looking forward to the time I get to spend with my tree. Most days, it is just watering the trees. This time is still something I get excited for because it is a break from the hum-drum of everyday life. It is nice, quiet time that I get to spend on a simple, natural subject. I feel connected to nature during that time and after.

It Is A Double Purposed Hobby

  1. Art – Bonsais are widely considered to be a medium of art. Designing, styling, and shaping a tree over years takes vision, dedication, and patience. As well as an eye for aesthetics. The best part is, you can try out many styles for your tree(s) because it is a growing, living organism.
  2. Horticulture – Bonsai places a heavy emphasis on horticulture because these are living trees. Many people who have engaged in some sort of horticulture hobby in the past have found it to be a beautiful and simple experience that puts you in touch with Nature. 


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Bonsai Before and After

Your Bonsai Tree Is Your…

old bonsai tree art bonsai supplies bonsai tool kit bonsai starter kit

This bonsai is over 380 years old!

…life-long companion. These are trees capable of living hundreds of years. Some bonsai trees have been passed down from generation to generation. You have your entire life to style and care for your tree.

“Bonsai is not a race, nor is it a destination. It is a never-ending journey”

My Recommended Bonsai Supplies Tools

Whether you are an experienced bonsai grower or new to the world of bonsai, everyone needs the appropriate tools to care for their trees.

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